Architectural, Structural & MEPF Design & Consulation

Architectural Design

Our expertise includes Master Planning and Urban Design, residential, commercial, industrial, etc. We, as Architects get involved from the commencement stage till the handover stage. There is an absolute provision of all sorts of Architectural Design Consultancy Services till the post-construction phase.

  • Master Planning
  • Architecture Design
  • Commercial Towers
  • Healthcare
  • Private Residences

Structural Design

A significant player in the infrastructure industry globally, adding values to projects through sound engineering, ensuring customer satisfaction and empowering employees.

Reinforced Concrete Design

Structural Steel Design

Composite Structure Design

Seismic Retrofitting & Strengthening

Pre-Stress Design: Precast & Post Tensioned

Shuttering Scaffolding Design

Structural Audit

Peer Review Consultancy

Other Services